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Pp return valve 8mm

Product information "Pp return valve 8mm"

Maintain Your System with Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm

Protect your water technology with precision; the Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm ensures that damage and wear on your devices are prevented by efficiently blocking any backflow.

Product Details

  • Brand:

  • Functional Design:

    Ensures a streamlined and pure flow pattern
  • Application:

    Ideal for water and air/gas, including ozone
  • Seal Material:

    High-quality Viton
  • Low Resistance:

    For optimal flow
  • Opening Pressure:

    Over 1.0 KP
  • Closing Pressure:

    Over 0.3 MPA
  • Size:

    Precise dimensioning of 8 mm

Key Benefits

The benefits of the Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm are clear: It safeguards the integrity of your pond system and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question:

    Is the Europond Non-Return Valve suitable for all types of pumps?
  • Answer: It is universally designed for use with most pumps supporting an 8mm connection, for both water and air/gas.
  • Question:

    Can I use this valve for ozone treatments?
  • Answer: Yes, the Europond Non-Return Valve is resistant to ozone and is therefore perfect for such treatments.


The Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm is essential for the upkeep of your pond or aquarium. It provides protection against backflow and ensures uninterrupted flow, while the Viton seal guarantees durability.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • +

    Effectively prevents backflow and protects equipment
  • +

    Suitable for various media, including environments rich in ozone
  • +

    Made from durable materials with low resistance
  • -

    Limited to a size of 8 mm, not suitable for larger systems

Discover the Efficiency of Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm

Ensure the performance and longevity of your systems. Order your Europond PP Non-Return Valve 8mm today and guarantee the optimal operation and protection of your equipment.


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