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Aansl.stuk dompelpomp

€5.40* List Price: €6.79* (20.47% saved)
Color Enhancer S 5kg

€44.35* List Price: €60.19* (26.32% saved)
UV-C PL-L loose bulb 18W (4-pin)

€17.95* List Price: €18.95* (5.28% saved)
Textielslang Liano set 10m

€39.55* List Price: €50.29* (21.36% saved)
Textielslang Liano 15m set

€49.85* List Price: €61.55* (19.01% saved)
UV-C TL losse lamp 30W

€15.95* List Price: €22.55* (29.27% saved)


Use a good powerful pond vacuum cleaner!

PondoVac 5
  • Liters per hour max: 8000 l/h
  • Including 4 suction tubes, 4 suction nozzles, suction hose and a 10-meter discharge hose
  • Uninterrupted vacuuming

PondoVac 4
Cleaning and Maintenance


Many koi.

Every season we import over 15,000 Japanese Koi!

Annually we spend about 15 weeks a year in Japan to select the widest and finest range in Japanese Koi for our customers. New purchases are usually added to our online koi shop the same day and can be reserved right away.

Koi Search 

Do you have special wishes for a specific variety of koi or can you just not find what you are looking for in our koi shop? Then submit a search request to us without obligation via the "search request" button at the top of this page. We will contact you when we have found a match to your search. 

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What are the most popular products in our webshop?

  • Koi medicine against skin and gill flukes
  • For 37,500 liters of water
  • Not harmful to the filter

Eco Pond Boost - 2 Kilo tegen draadalgen
  • Tegen draadalgen
  • Preparaat van mineralen en sporenelementen
  • Voor 25.000 liter water

Summer Mix 9 kg
  • Floating food
  • Stimulates mucus cell production and improves overall skin quality
  • Feeding can be done from a pond temperature of 15º C

Super Start (bead) filter bacteria 1L
  • Quick start-up of filters to break down organic waste
  • Quick degradation of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Reduces sludge/ sediment build-up in filter for easier maintenance and improves filter effectiveness by preventing channel formation

17 - 5 Liter ( by koi doctor Maarten Lammens)
  • For optimal health of your fish!
  • For 50 m³ of pond water
  • Malamix should only be administered from a water temperature of 8°C

Sturgeon Feed 6mm (15 Kilo Bag)
  • Sinking sturgeon feed
  • Pellet size: 6 mm
  • Feed from: 12 ºC

KH+ - 4 Kilo
  • Protects pond environment from acidification
  • 30 grams of powder per 1 m³
  • Do not use together with medications or GH+

UV-C T5 losse lamp 75W
  • Vermogen: 75 watt
  • Lengte: 85,4 cm
  • Geschikt voor AquaForte RVS Power UV-C Unit 75 watt

Fishfeeder Feeding Dispenser (5 Liter)
  • Feeds: 6
  • Dosage: 9 positions
  • Suitable for grain sizes up to 8 mm

Fresh Psb 2000 ML
  • Living bacteria for superior water quality
  • 40ml per 1,000 liters of water
  • 2 liters is good for 50,00 liters of water

GH+ - 4 Kilo
  • Boosts water hardness
  • 30 grams of powder per 1 m³
  • Do not use together with medications or GH+

Food 10kg (bag)
  • Floating food
  • With water temperatures below 12°C, 1 feeding per day is sufficient
  • Contains spirulina

Clay - 4 Kilo
  • For crystal clear pond water
  • 30 grams of powder per 2 m³
  • Clay - 4 Kilo

Super UV-C Amalgam 40W (replacement unit)
  • Power: 40 watts
  • Length: 44 cm
  • 13,000 burning hours

Colombo Algisin Against Thread Algae - 2.500 ml
  • Against filamentous algae
  • For 25,000 liters of water
    • €49.49*
      JDK - 50
      • Zeer stille luchtpomp
      • Laag energieverbruik
      • Luchtpomp van hoge kwaliteit

      Oyster shells in bag 5 KG
      Oyster shells have a particularly stabilizing effect on the KH value, and thus indirectly on the pH value

      Super UV-C Amalgaam 55W (vervang unit)
      • Vermogen: 55 watt
      • Lengte: 56 cm
      • 13.000 branduren

      Spring-Autumn 3 kg
      • Floating food
      • Free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives
      • Suitable for water temperatures of 10 -15 °C

      17 - 2.5 Liter (from koi doctor Maarten Lammens)
      • For optimal health of your fish!
      • For 25 m³ of pond water
      • Malamix should only be administered from a water temperature of 8°C


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      Koi pond construction and maintenance

      A koi pond is a wonderful addition to any garden. Not only does it provide a soothing place to relax and enjoy nature, but it is also the perfect home for colorful koi fish

      Water hardness and your pond, what is the optimal GH (dH) value for best water quality?

      Natural ponds are beautiful and relaxing additions to your outdoor space. It is important to take proper care of your pond and its inhabitants, and water hardness is an important factor in this regard

      Wie hält man einen Teich bei Winterfrost offen?

      A small garden pond can freeze over after a night of hard frost. If you do nothing, the fish get into trouble. Harmful gases, from decaying plant debris, cannot escape from the pond and oxygen cannot get in.

      How to prevent green pond water in a koi pond?

      Green pond water can spoil the appearance of your koi pond and disrupt the habitat for your fish.
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