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Looking for koi food? With the right composition of good quality nutrients, special koi food contributes to the best care for this fish. A koi prefers to eat small amounts throughout the day. This is best imitated with koi food. A granular form has a higher nutritional value than sticks and flakes. Koi food in the form of sticks and flakes is often easier to digest than granules. Good koi food contributes to the growth or a better resistance of the fish.

A beautiful koi pond, garden pond or patio pond is an enrichment for every garden. Are you looking for products for your pond? A2KOI has an extensive range of pond products. Both in our webshop and showroom you will find a wide choice of pond pumps, pond filters, pond vacuum cleaners, UV-C filters, PVC connection material and parts. This is to keep your pond in top condition. In terms of decoration, we also have many beautiful products in our range, such as water features, waterfalls, statues and fountains.

The quality of the pond water is important for a clear and healthy pond. If the water is of good quality, the biological balance of your pond is also in balance. By treating the water in the right way you can support the biological balance. Oxygen plants help with this, but are often not sufficient for this balance. For this you can use the right pond bacteria, anti-algae agents, bottom sludge cleaners and products for the water balance. Bacteria come in handy to support the processes of a pond.