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Natura Substraat 10L

Product information "Natura Substraat 10L"

Enrich Your Pond with Colombo Natura Substrate

Discover the essence of a crystal-clear pond with Colombo Natura Substrate, the ultimate foundation for a biologically balanced habitat.

Product Details

  • Brand: Colombo
  • Content: 10 liters
  • Application: Suitable as a planting medium or biological filter material
  • Granule Structure: Large porous granule for excellent bacterial growth
  • Usage: Requires 25 liters for a 2.5 cm layer over an area of 1m2

Key Benefits of Colombo Natura Substrate

  • Ensures a healthy and pure pond environment
  • Promotes a biologically active pond floor

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question: How does this substrate contribute to the water quality of my pond?
  • Answer: Colombo Natura Substrate provides a large surface area for bacterial growth, which is essential for maintaining pure and healthy pond water.
  • Question: Is this substrate only for large ponds or can it be used in smaller water features as well?
  • Answer: This product is versatile and suitable for ponds of any size, whether they are large or small.


Colombo Natura Substrate is an essential product for any pond owner who aims for optimal water quality and a thriving ecosystem.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • + Promotes robust bacterial growth
  • + Universally suitable for all ponds
  • - Requires precise calculation for optimal coverage

Ensure a Vibrant Pond with Colombo Natura Substrate

Make the choice for a healthy pond life. Choose Colombo Natura Substrate and lay the groundwork for a crystal-clear future for your pond.

Properties "Natura Substraat 10L"
Type of Animal: Fish

Colombo Natura Substrate 10L - Porous Filter Material for Healthy, Clear Ponds: Key Features and Benefits

The health of your pond starts at the base. With Colombo Natura Substrate, you provide your fish, plants, and micro-organisms the right start for a balanced ecosystem. This porous filter material has been developed for both the passionate Koi keeper and the pond enthusiast who values natural beauty.

Optimal Plant Growth

The Colombo Natura Substrate is the ideal nutrition base for plants. The substrate's structure allows for good root development, which is crucial for a natural and healthy pond.

  • Improves plant root adhesion
  • Stimulates healthy plant growth
  • Creates a natural appearance

Efficient Water Purification

The porous properties of Colombo Natura Substrate make it an excellent medium for beneficial bacteria. These bacteria play a pivotal role in the self-cleaning ability of your pond.

  • Ensures a biological balance
  • Helps maintain clear pond water
  • Contributes to the breakdown of harmful substances

Safe Haven for Micro-organisms

This substrate not only benefits plants and water quality but also the smallest inhabitants in your pond. It becomes a refuge for beneficial micro-organisms that support the ecological balance.

  • Provides protection and nourishment for micro-life
  • Increases biodiversity in the pond

Suitable for Every Pond Type

Colombo Natura Substrate is universally applicable. Whether you have a small ornamental pond or a large Koi pond, this substrate adapts to the needs of every pond.

  • Suitable for both large and small ponds
  • Easy to dose and use
  • Seamless integration into any pond design

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