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KH+ - 4 Kilo

  • Optimize your pond
  • Cure healthy fish
  • Create clear water

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Product number: QQnv0110
Manufacturer: Pond Pro
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Product information "KH+ - 4 Kilo"

Give Your Pond a Boost with Pond Pro KH+ - 4 Kilo.\nIt's time to optimize your pond water and create a perfect habitat for your fish. Pond Pro KH+ is an essential tool for achieving this. This powerful product helps increase and stabilize the KH level of your pond, leading to a healthier pond environment and clearer water.\n\nProduct details.\n\nBrand: Pond Pro\nProduct name: KH+ - 4 Kilo\nUse: Increases and stabilizes the KH value\nDosage: Varies depending on the current KH value\nSafety: Keep dry and out of the reach of children\n\n\nMain benefits of Pond Pro KH+\nPond Pro KH+ protects your pond from acidification and helps maintain a stable pH level. This contributes to a healthy and pleasant living environment for your fish. In addition, it helps create clearer water, so your pond will always look its best.\n\nQuestions answered by our pond specialist\n\n \n Can I use Pond Pro KH+ along with medications?\n \n No, it is recommended that Pond Pro KH+ not be used with medications.\n \n \n \n How do I store Pond Pro KH+ safely?\n \n It is important to store Pond Pro KH+ dry and out of the reach of children.\n \n \n\n\nSummary.\nPond Pro KH+ is an essential product for the maintenance of your pond. It increases and stabilizes KH levels, contributing to a healthy environment and clear water. Observe the recommended dosage for optimal results.\n\nThe Pluses and minuses according to our pond specialist.\n\n + Increases and stabilizes the KH value\n + Creates a healthier environment for fish\n + Contributes to clearer water\n - Not to be used together with medications\n - Requires regular dosing for optimal results\n\n\nGive your pond the attention it deserves and allow your fish to flourish. Turn your pond into a gem with Pond Pro KH+!\n\n\n

Properties "KH+ - 4 Kilo"
Application: Kh (Carbonate Hardness)
Content / Weight: 4 Kilo
Type: Powder
Type of Animal: Fish
Type of product: Water conditioner

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