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KH+ - 4 kilos

Product information "KH+ - 4 kilos"

Crystal Clear Pond Enjoyment with Pond Pro KH+ - 4 Kilos

Ensure a vibrant and bubbling pond with Pond Pro KH+. This 4 kilo pack is your partner in enhancing the KH value of pond water, creating a healthy and crystal-clear habitat for your fish.

Product Details

  • Brand:

    Pond Pro
  • Product:

    KH+ - 4 Kilos
  • Functionality:

    Increase and stabilization of the KH value
  • Application:

    Depending on the needs of the pond water values
  • Safety Instructions:

    Keep dry and out of reach of children

The Main Benefits of Pond Pro KH+

Experience worry-free pond enjoyment where you don't need to fret about fluctuations in pH levels. Pond Pro KH+ enables you to maintain constant and healthy water quality, letting your pond radiate life and clarity.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question:

    Is Pond Pro KH+ compatible with other pond treatments?
  • Answer: It is not recommended to use Pond Pro KH+ in conjunction with medications. Always check compatibility before combining multiple treatments.
  • Question:

    What are the storage conditions for Pond Pro KH+?
  • Answer: For optimal shelf life, Pond Pro KH+ should be stored in a dry place away from children.


The Pond Pro KH+ 4 Kilos pack is the key to a healthy and clear pond. A correct KH value is vital for the wellbeing of your pond biotope and the clarity of the water.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • +

    Efficient increase and stabilization of the KH value
  • +

    Promotes a healthy ecosystem for your pond inhabitants
  • +

    Results in clear pond water
  • -

    Do not combine with medications
  • -

    Accurate dosing is required for the desired result

Transform your pond into a vibrant oasis of health and clarity with Pond Pro KH+ and enjoy a carefree pond experience every day!

Application: Kh (Carbonate Hardness)
Content / Weight: 4 Kilo
Type: Powder
Type of Animal: Fish
Type of product: Water conditioner

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