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Velda Giant Biofill XL + 18 Watt UVC

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Product number: 126405
Manufacturer: Velda
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Product information "Velda Giant Biofill XL + 18 Watt UVC"

The mechanical and biological action of the filter materials, the possibility to simultaneously treat the water against floating algae and pathogens and finally the possibility to heat the water and provide it with oxygen, makes the Giant Biofill XL a sound investment for obtaining healthy and crystal clear water. pond water.

The basis of the Giant Biofill XL is a large and spacious filter unit with a gross volume of approximately 250 litres. To further increase the filter capacity, 2 (or more) filters can be connected to each other using the supplied connection gland. A drainage option has been created at the bottom center of the filter. By simply opening the slide, sludge and dirt are drained off.

The filter contains 4 removable cassettes, 3 of which are filled with filter material.

  • The first cassette is intended for the built-in UV-C Unit and the supplied Mineral Filterstart. The lid also contains a provision for connecting an air pump.
  • The second cassette is filled with bio balls. This filter material ensures good dirt filtering and has an enormous growth capacity for the micro-organisms.
  • The third cassette is provided with a so-called coarse Japanese mat. These mats filter the fine dust particles from the water and after a break-in period will contain billions of micro-organisms.
  • The fourth cassette is filled with a finer Japanese mat. This removes even the smallest dirt particles from the water. All cassettes are removable, so that the filter materials can be rinsed out easily.

UV-C Unit
The supplied built-in UV-C Unit can easily be mounted in the cassette cover. The UV-C lamp makes a green cloudy pond crystal clear in a short time, while disease-causing parasites are killed by the UV-C light. To start up the biological process, a pack of Bacterial Filterstart has been added to this filter pack. Mineral Filterstart tablets increase the hardness and promote a balanced mineral balance.

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