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Malamix 17 - 5 Liter (from koid doctor Maarten Lammens)


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Product number: CMnv0034
Product information "Malamix 17 - 5 Liter (from koid doctor Maarten Lammens)"

Malamix 17 is an organic vitamin, herb and plant mix for the optimal health of pond fish! Malamix 17 consists of biological agents and can therefore not be overdosed. Even after a chemical treatment against parasites or bacteria, Malamix 17 is the ideal means for quickly rebuilding the mucous layer and bringing the water quality back up to standard. Malamix is a product developed by the well-known koid doctor Maarten Lammens.

Why add Malamix 17 to your pond?

Maarten Lammens: "Every day in practice I see sick fish with a bad mucus layer (too little mucus, too thick mucus, poor consistency...). If the mucus layer contains too few antibodies, there is a greater chance that your fish will get sick. After all, there are always pathogens present in every pond, which more easily take the upper hand in weaker fish.A healthy strong slime layer forms the basis of a healthy fish. It is therefore important to regularly provide your fish with this ideal mix of defense enhancers (see below ) containing Malamix 17. These immune enhancers are partly absorbed into the mucous membrane and partly filtered by the gills and all form good building blocks for a good mucus layer and an optimal natural defense against diseases. and probiotics give a boost, which improves the water quality and protects the fish preventively against hole-in-the-wall disease."

When and how often can Malamix 17 be added?

To obtain an optimal mucous layer (read defence), it is advisable to administer Malamix 17 preventively every two to three months. Only administer Malamix from a water temperature of 8°C. 1 liter of Malamix 17 is good for 10,000 liters of water.

Malamix 17 ingredients

Malamix contains 17 ingredients: Spirulina/Chlorella - Aloe Vera - Propolis - Calendula - Echinacea - Curcuma - Ginger - Astaxanthin - Inulin - Gingko Biloba - Eucalyptus - Ginseng - Vit.ACDE - Enzymes for nitrifying bacteria - Probiotics

Content: 5 Liters
Substance: Liquid
Type of product: Medication

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